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Black Firearm Single Bottle

Black Manganese Concentrate Single Bottles

Black Manganese Concentrate 16 oz Bottle  


This bottle will make 0ver 5 gallons of solution

Black Manganese Concentrate 2/16 oz Bottles


These 2 bottles will make over 10 gallons of solution

The latest Black Manganese Firearms Formula, the most Durable and Rust Resistant Black Manganese Phosphate Concentrate to date in a 16oz Bottle, the Military finish used on the M14, M16, AR15, Fal, FN, Colt, Glock and many others. Also included are Complete easy to follow Instructions. Parkerizing is easier to apply than Bluing and much more Durable, especially in Wet or Humid Climates where rust is a problem.

All kits or Single Bottles Meet or Exceed all GI Military Specifications and are made with only the Purest Lab and Tech Grade Components. All Kits and Single Bottles are Pure and Undiluted Parkerizing Phosphate Concentrate. At a Mix of only 3 ounces of Concentrate per gallon of water these products are very cost effective.